how to create adsense account for youtube

Originally posted on May 7, 2022 @ 5:10 am

Make Money YouTube: Dear reader, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very good in your prayers. I hope you will like this topic. I hope you will like it very much. The main topic of today’s discussion is how to create adsense account for youtube. If you want to know how to create google adsense account, see the full article for details.

how to create adsense account – how to create google adsense account

Dear readers, this article is very important for those of you who want to create an adsense account for youtube, because this article will show you how to create an adsense account for youtube.

how to make google adsense account – how to set up an adsense account

If you want to create an adsense account for youtube then there are youtube monetization requirements you have to fill these then you can create adsense account for youtube we don’t know the details.

create adsense for youtube | how to make an adsense account for youtube under 18


If you want to create an adsense account for youtube then you must be above 18 years of age then you can create new adsense account for youtube channel.

How to Create Google AdSense Account for YouTube

I am sharing a video on how to create a Google AdSense account for YouTube. If you watch this video in its entirety, you will know the detailed information about the rules for opening an AdSense account on YouTube.

Beginner’s Guide to AdSense for YouTube in 2022

If you want to start a new youtuber then of course it is very important for you to watch the video given above in full because this video has shared all the topics in this video for new youtubers to link youtube channel with google adsense.

How to Link AdSense to Your YouTube Account | YouTube AdSense login

Now I will show you how to link to YouTube channel Adsense!

  1. Login to the YouTube channel.
  2. Click on Monetization.
  3. Click here to apply for YouTube monetization.
  4. Sign up for an AdSense account with Google AdSense email.
  5. Add the link to the YouTube channel to the AdSense account.

YouTube AdSense earnings | YouTube AdSense requirements 2022

If you want to earn money from youtube, you must pay attention to the steps we have shared above for doing adsense and participate in youtube monetization program to make money from youtube.

How to change AdSense account on YouTube – How to edit AdSense account

If you buy a new youtube channel or if you buy a new adsense account you must change the address of your adsense account then I will show you how to change address google adsense account?

What to do to change the address of YouTube AdSense account?

  1. Login to Google AdSense account.
  2. Enter the Google Adsense payment option.
  3. Add the payment address of the Google AdSense account.

How to remove AdSense account from YouTube | Google AdSense app

Now I will show you how to delete AdSense account.

Note that the rules for deleting the YouTube AdSense account will be listed below!

  1. Sign in to Google AdSense account.
  2. Click on Google AdSense Account Information.
  3. Click Close AdSense Account.

How to check if i have AdSense account – You already have an AdSense account

When we apply for YouTube Monetization at different times, we (You already have an AdSense account) show such a problem, how to solve it, I will now show the appointment.

  1. If you have two accounts then this kind of problem will come.
  2. This is a problem if you use the same address in another AdSense account.
  3. This problem will occur if you have used your mobile number twice in the same AdSense account.

How do you qualify for AdSense on YouTube 2023?

Now I’m going to let you know that if you want to participate in the YouTube Monetization Program you need to know about the YouTube Monetization Requirement.

If you want to link to YouTube AdSense, you must fill out the YouTube Monetization policy 2023 (1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time).

Do I have to pay to use AdSense? – Create a website for your ads

If you work with a YouTube channel or website with Google Adsense then the way you are paid from Google Adsense is listed below.

When the $100 in your AdSense account is added to the original balance of your AdSense account on the 21st of every month then the money will be transferred from the AdSense account to your bank account on the 24th or 25th of every month.

How it’s work Google AdSense (Google AdSense for beginners)

Dear Reader, If you are new to how to work with Google Adsense, if you want to know more information about Adsense, you must visit our website regularly or stay connected with us. Stay tuned. Thank you.