How to reject Google AdSense approval?

How to reject Google AdSense approval
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Dear readers, how are you? I hope you are well. I am very grateful for your prayers. I hope you will like the topic that I am going to discuss How to reject Google AdSense approval?.

If you check this article completely then you can know how to get Google AdSense approval? for detailed information.

My Google Adsense account has been rejected, how do I approve it?

If for some reason you get a reject notification message after your Google AdSense application, what to do and how to solve it were discussed in detail.

How to get fast Google AdSense approval?

If you want to monetize wordpress website very fast or monetize blogger website then follow the points listed below.

  1. Designing a Google Adsense Friendly Website.
  2. Write unique articles without translating content or creating content with any tools.
  3. All posts and pages of the website are indexed in Google.
  4. Apply by creating Google AdSense account with correct information.

What to do if google adsense is rejected on blogger website?

If you want to monetize google adsense blogger website and for what reason your blogger website comes into it.

#1. Fixing Blogger website navigation.

#2. Delete any translated content or copyright images.

#3. Any content outside of Google AdSense program policy will be removed from Blogger website.

What to do if the WordPress website is rejected by Google AdSense?

If you apply for Google Adsense for your WordPress website, let’s know what to do if the WordPress website gets rejected for some reason.

✍️ First of all you need to use good hosting.

✍️ And WordPress website should be beautifully designed in normal.

✍️ All posts on a WordPress website must be indexed by Google.

✍️ A WordPress website must complete AdSense requirements.

✍️ If you use copyrighted images and copyrighted content for any reason, it must be deleted.

New way to monetize Google AdSense rules?

Reader, I hope that if you follow the rules that I have shown above and apply again for your website Google Adsense, your website will be monetized by Google Adsense.

If you have any problem with Google AdSense account, please write it in our comment box.

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